Sunday, June 21, 2009

Christmas For the Williford Fam 08

Our family was blessed with a wonderful Christmas. The first in our Forest house. We had fun decorating the tree and getting everything "spirited." The kids, of course, got a gillion presents and a giant doll house to go in their playroom. It was a nice 2 weeks off from school and we enjoyed every minute if it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Football game

Brian was in a charity flag football game for the radio station The Ticket. He tried out and was picked for the team. He was able to play with Danny White and Roger Staubach in the game. He did great and even scored a touchdown!! We were all so proud of him and I know he had the time of his life. He was even able to get a ball signed by all of the players. It was cool, he was very honored.


We had a great Halloween! Reese was Pokemon (ugh!!) and Quinn was a fairy princess. We trick or treated around our neighborhood, the kids got a ton of candy. Evan was a lion, he looked so cute! We also had family pictures made. Reese wasn't feeling well when we got to the photographer, but Brian and I figured she could make it through pictures. About 10 minutes in she is posing with Quinn and gets very pale. She looks up at me and says she is going to be sick. We run to the restroom and just make it through the door. It was horrible! After she was fine and we finished taking pictures. It was an experience, to say the least!

Starting School

The girls started school!! Reese is in Kinder this year, we can hardly believe it!! Her teacher is Mrs. Grant and she really loves being in her class. They have been learning about animals, nature, Spanish, computers and they are reading! It is so cool to read with her every night! Quinn also started school. She started in Ms.B's class, but due to a biting episode, she was moved into Mrs. Folmar's class. Reese also had Mrs. Folmar, so we are pleased Quinn has her! She loves school and being a big girl! She had no problems adjusting to her new routine. They are also both taking gymnastics. They love going on Thursdays and tumbling!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

End of Summer 2008

We have been winding down from the fun of summer and getting ready for school. Both of the girls are very excited about starting school. Reese is in a uniform this year, so that has been a little bit of a headache, but otherwise I think we are done school shopping. We have been having fun playing at home and trying to soak up all of the day with the girls. Quinn is getting really good on her bike and we take nightly bike rides with both girls and dogs. It is a circus, but fun! Brian and I are trying to play some golf, well, he plays and I go to the driving range. It is fun and frustrating at the same time. I recently had a Southern Living party at my house and got some really good pictures of Nana with the girls and our new nephew Evan. He is a cutie. Quinn sneaks into Reese's room every night and sleeps at the foot of her bed. Brian and I have no idea what to do about it. It is really sweet though.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 2008

I am starting a new blog because I cannot access my old one. That is what I get for not keeping it up! We have had many changes since the summer started. We moved to Mansfield, which was an exciting and stressful time. We are loving our new home and continuing to make changes and improvements to it. Brian keeps telling me to stop finding things to redo, but I can't, it's in my blood I guess. Reese and Quinn have both been enjoying the summer. They both took swimming lessons. Reese took with Mr. Bryan and Quinn took with Swimsation. We have been swimming and playing outside a lot. The girls have been to the zoo, playdates at Nana's house, tennis practice, Camp Thurman, and hanging out with us. We take nightly bike rides and walks. Quinn is riding her own big girl bike pretty well. She is talking a lot more this summer. She calls herself "Tinny", it is really cute. Reese starts kindergarten this fall. Both of the girls will go to CU, which we are so glad for. Brian and I have had a few get togethers at the house and we also got to go to Costa Rica with his job. We stayed for 4 days and loved it. We relaxed, had massages, drank, golfed, and did a Zip Line tour up in the mountains. It was a beautiful place to be. I will also have a new job in the fall. Luckily it will be at Key with all of my friends. I will be the new counselor there, so I am very excited about that. As of now we are heading into August. and trying to enjoy our last bit of summer fun.